3 Questions To Help You Choose the Perfect Snow Shovel

Snow Shovel

Isn’t snow shoveling a blast?

Okay, maybe it’s not quite as fun as we’d like it to be, but the good news is that getting the right kind of snow shovel can help. Not all snow shovels are created equal, and finding the right one for you can be a bit tricky, because there are more factors involved than you might think.

Here are three things to keep in mind when you start shopping for a snow shovel:

#1: How much shoveling are you actually going to do?
If you have a snow blower, or some other heavy duty snow removal equipment at your disposal, then you will want a different kind of shovel than someone who doesn’t.

If you’re only planning on shoveling light snow, or pushing off the snow that has accumulated on your deck, then an industrial-strength shovel may not be your best option.

If you know that you will be shoveling all of your snow by hand, however, then you will really want to think about investing in a stronger model. Something that will withstand constant use, but is lightweight enough not to break your back.

#2: What part of shoveling is most difficult for you?
We’ve all got our own weaknesses, and it’s important to keep that in mind when choosing a shovel. If you’ve got a bad back, then an ergonomic shovel might be best for you.

The handles are specially designed to reduce bending, but they may require adjusting your usual technique for pushing and throwing snow.

If your bodily concerns have more to do with your arms than your back, then you might want to pay more attention to the scoop of your shovel. Big scoops can come in handy, but they also hold a lot of snow, which can make your shovel harder to lift.

#3: What do other people say?
This day in age, finding out if a shovel would work for you is as easy as typing a few words into your favorite search engine. Most sites ill allow you to read reviews from people who have first hand experience with the product, ask questions in comment sections and forum pages, and compare brands side by side.

You can also go the more old-fashioned route and ask the staff at your local hardware store. Not only are they knowledgeable about their products, but they have the experience of listening to their customers and helping them find what they want.

What does the perfect snow shovel look like to you?


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